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Paperbacks & Road Trips

Gibson Michaels 11th, June, 2015

Paperbacks & Road Trips

Well, I guess I’m doing a little bit better… it’s only been three months since my last blog post this time. (sigh) Again, lots accomplished since my last post to this blog:

First, all three books in the Sentience Trilogy are now available in paperback, from Barnes & Nobel®, Amazon® and fine booksellers everywhere, through Ingram®, the largest book distribution system in the world. Getting all of them out in paperback format was important because I’m starting to get invitations to appear at book fests and Sci-Fi conventions:

I’m currently scheduled to appear on six different panels over course of the three-day event. In between panels, I will be selling and signing books at my author’s table in the “Alley.” Half the battle to selling anything is to just get people to stop as they go by your table. I’ve acquired a kick-ass author banner and I’ll be giving away free candy. I will also be running looped video trailers on a high definition screen. I’ve never seen authors running trailers at their table before, so I’m hoping to create a bit of a sensation among the sci-fi crowd with all of the space combat and explosions going on. I’m also hoping to generate enough interest that people will actually BUY my books… might be tad embarrassing to hold a book-signing, if no one is buying any books for me to sign.

My second book signing/selling venture will be at Armadillocon, in Austin, Texas… July 24-26, 2015.

I’ve also received an invitation to attend the East Texas Book Fest, an event specifically designed to promote Texas authors:

Oh yeah… almost forgot. I was also interviewed recently by audio blogger, Laura Edmundson Romero:

This whole “author” thing is really starting to get rather surreal. — Who, me?