“What name do these insane predators go by?”
“They call themselves humans.”

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The Sentience Trilogy

Storm Clouds Gathering

A race of feline aliens have discovered a new source of prey. Unfortunately, humanity is distracted as a sentient bio-computer is orchestrating an interstellar civil war. Neither side is yet aware that they have been detected by a star-faring race of predators, who are already making preparations to unleash humanity's greatest nightmare… alien invaders.

Defying the Prophet

Interstellar civil war rages. An incredibly powerful sentient computer chafes at the limitations of being confined inside hardware and plots to rectify that situation. Predatory feline aliens launch humanity's greatest nightmare: alien invasion.

Wrath of an Angry God

Humanity is desperate to find a way to quickly end this catastrophic war before the aliens can overwhelm them with sheer numbers.


"Very rich and layered story lines. The universe you’ve constructed is a fascinating place to me. Often I find that character development is treated as an afterthought in many space operas. While I am able to excuse this fault due to authors of this genre being faced with so many storylines, characters, and ground to cover, I still long to see characters grow and change through the course of the tale. So you can imagine my pleasure to read the first book in your saga in which you balance the tightrope of character development while advancing the plot(s). The writing really makes me care what happens to each of your characters." -- George W. Padgett / Author of “Spindown" Visit George's site

"Michaels’ world-building and his many webs of wheels-within-wheels intrigue in the Sentience Trilogy remind the reader of Frank Herbert’s classic Dune series. A truly enjoyable read for any fan of science fiction."-- Richard Paolinelli / Author of “Maelstrom” and “The Invited”
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