“What name do these insane predators go by?”
“They call themselves humans.”

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About the Author

I’ve come to accept the voices in my head… I just wish they didn’t spit when they talk.

Gibson Michaels was born a long, long time ago in Beech Grove, Indiana… and it’s all been pretty much down hill from there ever since.

He was an only child, as his parents took one look at him and moved into separate bedrooms. His first ten years was spent roaming alone in the forest on his grandparents’ farm, where every appropriately shaped stick became a gun, a sword or a spear in his fertile imagination. At the age of ten, his parents divorced and he was thrust into city-life in the custody of his mother, as the judge ruled that she was the loser at rock, paper, scissors — on a technicality.

Blessed (or cursed) with a vivid imagination came in handy during his teen years. The forest roaming life of a solitary country kid had not provided him with the social skills necessary for life amongst city kids, so he wrote stories… lots and lots of stories. His teachers often told his mother that they looked forward to reading his papers, as they were… unique. (A very diplomatic word — much nicer than saying they were just strange or weird.) A voracious reader, he indulged himself regularly in the ultimate escapism, (no, not drugs) reading science fiction and fantasy books in their untold thousands. At work, was often identified as “the guy with a book in his back pocket — you can’t miss him.”

When the economy crash of 2008 collided head-on with quintuple-bypass surgery, Michaels was finally free of the necessity of full-time employment, so he immediately dived into fulfilling his life-long ambition… writing science fiction.

Storm Clouds Gathering is the first book in his Sentience trilogy, which is scheduled for release later in 2014. It didn’t start out as a trilogy, but by the time he finally got the entire story told, it was 365,000 words long. — He never did learn when to shut up.